If Your Favorite NHL Team Is Still On The Fence About Tanking For Connor Bedard, Here's 10 Seconds Of Evidence To Start Sucking

We're just about a quarter of the way through the NHL season already. It's early, but we're already seeing the direction that some teams are going to be heading in. Some teams are on an absolute heater at the moment, like the Devils winning 11 straight games. And some teams are complete and utter dog shit, like the Sabres losing 7 in a row. For the 10 or so teams that are hovering right around the middle of the league, well they have a pretty big decision to make and they need to make it quickly. 

You either need to go all in to try to win a Cup, or you need to go all out and suck as hard as you possibly can to try to land that 1st overall pick to draft this demon. 10 seconds into the game and he already demoralized the entire team. That's all the evidence you'll need to see to realize that he's worth the tank show. 

It's only going to get worse from here too, because we're just about a month away from the 2023 World Juniors. If you don't start tanking before the World Juniors get going, then you're going to be too late. Because once teams see how easy he makes it look out there against the best U20 players in the world, it's going to be a suck fest of the likes which we've never seen before. 

21 games so far this year wearing the "C" for the Regina Pats as a 17-year-old. 19 goals, 27 assists. This is following up a 100 pt season he had last year in just 62 games. Any team who is either .500 or below right now just needs to lean all the way in to the tank. I'm looking at you Philly, Washington, St. Louis, Minnesota...