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We Have A Very Rare And Tricky $EBR NHL Saturday Night Parlay

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$EBR doesn’t make this kind of play too often, but when we do we plan on winning and crushing the Barstool Sportsbook

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The play I’m referring to is a same-game parlay combining a side and the over/under. These types of parlays are always tough because rooting for two things at once can put your emotions in a blender. You want your team to be up comfortably, but you also need the over so you have to give up a couple of goals to get there.

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Our love for the Red Wings has been well-documented and their start to the season has been exactly what was expected and everyone on the team is getting in on the scoring.

The Blue Jackets are missing half of their team but are somehow finding a way to win games and score a ton of goals.

Each team made headlines this summer in the free-agent market here’s a look at a couple of the big signings.

Kubalik 8 goals and 12 assists in 20 games, is the leading scorer of free agents who switched teams this summer. They don't ask how they ask how many, I always loved scoring empty netters.

Johnny Hockey Gaudreau made headlines this summer by moving from Calgary to Columbus and so far has produced 6 goals and 8 assists in 16 games.

Murls’ Best Bet: Red Wings Moneyline + Over 6.5 Parlay +215 Barstool Sportsbook

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