The $EBR Crew Group G World Cup Breakdown. Brazil Is The Favorite Because They Brought A Babysitter For Neymar!

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The $EBR crew is no one trick pony. Yes, we are known to be a problem for the Barstool Sportsbook with our winning ways in European Hockey and the NHL mostly…but the World Cup is starting and running for a month which provides many things. 

A. More action to get us through the workday.

B. Another opportunity to start building the bankroll for holiday present shopping. 

C. Learn more about the most popular sport in the world.  

This is a preview blog about the group format that starts off the tournament and we will give group winners with the odds from the Barstool Sportsbook.  I may have not said this but I love football, it truly is a fantastic sport that allows you to zone out for 90 minutes without commercials and relax. Now I know the times in the states will be tough with the West coast having the early wake up time at 5 am but come on it's the world cup.  

This blog has something for everyone. Whether a gambler who only wants to win, a new fan to soccer looking to enjoy and learn, or an American who wants to see the boys make a run. 

So enough already Murls let's get to it… EVERYBODY RIDES!!! 

$EBR World Cup Group Preview - Group G

Brazil -305: The Brazilians are the favorite based on the massive amount of talent they have on their roster. An argument can be made that the players left off could do pretty well in this tournament.  They will cruise through the group stage but then it can get tricky with a matchup against Uruguay and then maybe Germany.  

This team can be a bit bipolar and if things start badly they have been known to not be the most mentally tough group out there.  If Neymar can stay focused with the help of his babysitter and not roll around the ground like bacon sizzling, this team is very tough to beat. 

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Goal Scorer: Vinicius Jr.  (Real Madrid) has Amazing talent and loves the big stage as we see all the time for Madrid. He has to attack the goal and not be bullied into letting Neymar get goals. He is a real possibility for the golden boot top scorer award at +3000


Serbia +600: This team is a wild card and that is an understatement. They have attacking talent that can rival most teams but cohesion always is an issue with the Serbs.  I think they come out of the group in a tight battle against the Swiss but won't be able to handle the talent from Brazil.  

This team is known to play a very rough style and if they get the wrong ref could lead to an accumulation of cards.  Tadic (Ajax) is a monster and will cause problems for anyone he goes against.  

Goal Scorer: Aleksandar Mitrovic (Fulham) I love this guy. He is a massive dude who just plays bully ball in the box and in aerial play. He is a handful to cover and he will score goals for sure.  

Switzerland +600: The Swiss are tricky to figure out. They are very organized which will hide some of their glaring issues. This team is built from the back forward and is on a great run of form during qualifications.  I think they are going to be a tough out and it will basically come down to how badly they beat Cameroon and how badly they lose to Brazil.  

Goal Scorer: Shaqiri (Chicago Fire) He took the most money he was offered and came to the MLS to basically get in shape for this tourney.  The lefty has some magic in him with goals and free kicks.  He will need to get on the scoresheet for the Swiss to move on. 

Cameroon +2000 This is the country that always makes the tourney and never really makes any noise. Now they are showing signs of life during the dramatic win to get qualified.  They do have a veteran group that knows international football but their ceiling isn’t very high. Another team that plays very open and will allow goals.  

Goal Scorer: Eric Maxim Choup-Moting, (Bayern Munich) You may not know his name due to the roster at Bayern but he is playing lights out in the Bundesliga.  He will make some noise as he is in his last year of the contract.  


$EBR Group Winner: Brazil - Chalk city but they are dominant and will beat this group easily. 

Everybody Rides!!!

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