The $EBR Crew Group F World Cup Breakdown. Belgium Is Under The Radar Which Is Nuts!

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The $EBR crew is no one trick pony. Yes, we are known to be a problem for the Barstool Sportsbook with our winning ways in European Hockey and the NHL mostly…but the World Cup is starting and running for a month which provides many things. 

A. More action to get us through the workday.

B. Another opportunity to start building the bankroll for holiday present shopping. 

C. Learn more about the most popular sport in the world.  

This is a preview blog about the group format that starts off the tournament and we will give group winners with the odds from the Barstool Sportsbook.  I may have not said this but I love football, it truly is a fantastic sport that allows you to zone out for 90 minutes without commercials and relax. Now I know the times in the states will be tough with the West coast having the early wake-up time at 5 am but come on it's the world cup.  

This blog has something for everyone. Whether a gambler who only wants to win, a new fan to soccer looking to enjoy and learn, or an American who wants to see the boys make a run. 

So enough already Murls let's get to it… EVERYBODY RIDES!!! 

$EBR World Cup Group Preview - Group F

Belgium -115: This is a real last ride for a group of players that have fallen short of expectations on the world’s stage.  The roster is loaded but this is the first tourney where they seem completely healthy.  Top to bottom this roster must have the most star power from Lukaku to Hazard brothers but this team will live and die by the health and form of Kevin Debruyne. If you watch the premier league and Man City, this guy is magic.  He is healthy which is massive. Their goalie was the MVP of the Champs league in Courtois. It all comes down to will the legends capture the moment. The concern is that the backline has seen a lot of winters and will need to be protected. 

Goal Scorer: Eden Hazard (Real Madrid) He is finally healthy and ready to play. When he was at Chelsea, he was arguably the best player in the world but injuries have hampered him. He wants to play 3 more years and playing well in this tournament will allow it.  

Croatia +225: If you have not been to the Croatian coast, you are missing out on the best place in the world. Go to Hvar whenever you can. Fun fact: I was in Croatia during the last world cup with buddies to watch them beat Argentina and it was worth it. 

The squad made the finals in the previous World Cup and has a top-tier midfield with Modric (Real Madrid), Kovacic(Chelsea), and Brozovic (Inter) can control any game.  The team does have an age issue and they are not as deep as the larger nations but this team plays very smart and knows how to win.  

Goal Scorer: Luka Modric (Real Madrid) He is 37 but this guy can flat-out play. If he gets space around the box he will snipe. He also has PK duties which will help. 

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Morocco +900: This is possibly the worst bounce a team like Morocco could have had to happen to them. They are hot with a bunch of great results lately but they do not have the depth to compete with Belgium and Croatia. Let's look to the over in the games with Morocco but their best chance to win a game is to beat Canada.  I guess an advantage is that most players are comfortable with the weather in Qatar. 

Goal Scorer: Youssef En Nesyri (Sevilla) He has started very slow for Sevilla but this is the guy who will have to lead the line in a group that has aging defenses all over the place. 

Canada +1200: The loveable people from the Great White North have made it to the World Cup which is unbelievable and hopefully the country can build on this momentum but this is not their year. They play a very open style that will leave them exposed all over the pitch. This is a team that is mediocre with a world-class player in Alphonso Davies. Davies is worth watching and he can absolutely fly. The supporting cast will have to play out of their minds to win a game. 

Goal Scorer: Cyle Larin (Club Brugge) He led the Canadiens in scoring during qualifying and has had good form in his time at Brugge. He will move off of what Davies does but I will take him to score against Morocco. 

$EBR Group Winner: Belgium The star team is on their last stand and healthy. Also, take them 13-1 to lift the trophy at the end. 

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Everybody Rides!!!

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