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Science Is A Liar And Computers Are Stupid: For The First Time In 12 Years USA Basketball Isn't The No. 1 Team In The World

This is adorable. You think I give a fuck about some computer and rating system? Think again. We're the USA and we're better than you. That's just a fact. That's a fact even if our best basketball players are too busy getting ready for the World Cup: 

Honestly it's sad that Spain's coach is gloating about it: 

The whole system thing is a joke anyways: 

[Source] - FIBA's rankings were changed in 2017 to a system that takes results from the most recent eight years into account. That means the U.S. is no longer reaping the benefits of the 2014 World Cup title but is still seeing the Olympic gold medals won at Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo factoring into the rankings. The U.S. finished seventh at the 2019 World Cup.

Thanks to the Celtics, they ruined Team USA's rankings. First time in 12 years we're not No. 1 in the world. Again, it's bullshit. Give me our guys over anyone else in the world and we're winning gold every single time. Sure teams have gotten better, but we're still winning without our A team. Imagine if we rolled out a team of LeBron, KD, Steph, Tatum, Beal, Bam, Butler, Klay, Ja, Lillard, Mitchell, Booker. You're not losing with that sort of team. Shit, we won a gold medal with JaVale on the roster. 


So go ahead and take your cute little rankings. I'll take comfort in knowing we're the best.