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If Wanting To Bang Edna Krabapple Is Wrong, I Don't Want To Be Right

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Most Chicagoans know the 108 crew at this point. If you don't, you're living under a rock. That said, if you're not from the area and are asking yourself, "who in the fuck is WSD talking about", I can help with that. 

The Section 108 crew is composed of 2 full-bodied males and 1 skinny fat dude. They attend around 70 White Sox games a year, hell or high water. Some might say that's crazy behavior, since the White Sox do everything in their power to alienate themselves from the fanbase. Others (the 108 crew) would say that it's a great way to enable your functioning alcoholism.

Nevertheless, they put out the best White Sox content on the internet. Podcasts, blogs, etc., they do it all. It's really impressive what they've built with no backing behind them And they're good friends of mine now and we do a lot of White Sox content together.

That's what last night was. Just 4 mediocre men talking White Sox baseball… and cartoon characters we want to bang. The 108 crew does their own version of their draft at the end of every podcasts and have been even longer than we have done the drafts at Barstool Chicago. Last night was "fuckable cartoon characters" because they, like the rest of the internet, think I want to bang Nala even though I simply point out she gave Simba "fuck me" eyes in this scene:

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Doesn't mean I want to bang her. Just means I am pointing out what is happening in this exact scene. Nala is telling Simba "I want you to fuck me" with her eyes in this clip. I don't want to bang lions and I don't want to bang cartoons. 

But if I did want to bang a cartoon, I'd want to bang Edna Krabapple from The Simpsons. Look, if you're a dude reading this, you always dreamed of banging at least one of your teachers. That's just normal. One of yous might have even cashed in on that dream. Nevertheless, I want to bang Edna Krabapple.

Look at this minx: 

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Cigarettes, booze, complete "fuck this attitude"…. that's my kinda woman. Guaranteed freak in the sheets. Sure there are "hotter" cartoons - like Princess Jasmine, for instance - but Edna is the best combo of "I'll wreck your dick" and "not be a clingy bitch". You won't have to ghost her, she'll ghost you. 

TL/DR: If I had the opportunity, yes, I'm banging Edna Krabapple 100%. Check out the rest of our picks below:

And while you're at it, toss em a subscribe on their YouTube channel. They work their nuts off to put out White Sox content and don't make a killing off it, so every thumbs up helps. 


- Breaking down the Pedro Grifol hire
- Who's gonna be the 2B in 2023
- and, most importantly, how the Sox can win fans' trust back

The last bullet point got DEEP on the show. DEEP DEEP DEEP. The white sox fanbase is livid right now. This is not what we were promised and the white sox have lost our trust. That's me speaking on behalf of everyone who has sunk a cent of finances or emotion into them. We're pissed, and they have to do whatever they can to make us not pissed. 

Tall task. They could, ya know, drop a bag of loot in front of Aaron Judge's feet and fill the RF hole that's been plaguing them for years, but we all have seen this movie before. They'll nickel and dime this offseason, try to catch lightning in a bottle, more than likely fail, and round and round we go. I'm pissed off just typing this. 

Subscribe to their show though. A+ white sox content and A+ entertainment packaged into one show. Super fun.