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The Scorching Hot World Cup Hype Video Dropped ... Is It Monday Yet?

This is it. This is what I needed to see. Not Jack Harlow doing the USMNT hype video from a month ago. I needed this. The Landon Donovan goal gets me every time. And I'm well aware the World Cup starts Sunday, fuck Qatar though. OUR World Cup starts Monday against Wales. I say it all the time but this is what makes the World Cup special. It's the one time every single person can come together and cheer for the same team. We're America. If you're an American cheering against us, well I'm not going to fight you, but I don't like you one bit. 

It's simple. We need at least a point against Wales. We've gotten out of the group stage the last two World Cups we were in with 4 points. We should (I stress this) be able to do that again this year. You need to beat Iran and get points against Wales. That simple. 


This US hype video does the trick too: 

Man I loved some of those guys. Brian McBride will always be my dude. Clint Dempsey will always be America's good vibes guy. We can go back to Clint Mathis and John O'Brien and Claudio and everyone else. Now we have the youngest team at the World Cup. We're talented as hell. We have expectations, which is awesome to finally say. 

Beat Wales. Beat England. Beat Iran. 

My favorite bets so far on the Barstool Sportsbook: 

Denmark +225 to win Group D

Germany +118 to win Group E

Uruguay +185 to win Group H

Brazil/Netherlands to win their groups parlay -105

Denmark +175 to reach quarterfinals 

Brazil +700 most goals in group stage

Over 165.5 (Even) goals for entire Tournament

PS: This will forever be the best World Cup song