Taylor Swift Speaks Out And Apologizes To Fans, Saying She Was Assured "They (Ticketmaster) Could Handle This Kind Of Demand"

Finally our queen speaks. We all knew that she was upset, and I'm sure she's breaking some kind of rule in even releasing a statement like this (notice she didn't use Ticketmaster's name ONCE, and honestly, this whole thing is pretty vague.) Like the rest of us, she hates watching people struggle to get tickets fairly and has difficulties trusting outside entities with her product, whether it be merch, ticket sales OR music distribution. I love that she specifically says she isn't making any excuses for anyone, because truly, there is no excuse. It doesn't sound like theres…anything she can do about it? Which seems weird, but then again, I think this is a fuck up on such a massive scale that it's snowballed out of everyone's control. The bots are too strong, the scalpers are winning the battle, and it's a long road ahead. I can't imagine this is the LAST we will hear about this, and maybe she's plotting something behind the scenes to make up for this (not going to lie, the fans online are still pretty unhappy and don't think this is enough.) 

Bigggggg sigh. What a fucking mess. Looking forward to the future documentary about all of this drama though!