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Foot Fetish Freaks Rejoice: Texas Woman Enters The Guinness Book of World Records With Her Size 18 Feet

Full disclosure: I fucking loathe feet. I think they're actually really fucking gross. Aside from their given function, they serve absolutely ZERO purpose to me, especially and specifically in a sexual manner. I don't even like looking at them, they make me nauseous, and if you are one of those pervs that get off to them, you're sick in the head and need years of intense psychotherapy. Maybe even a lobotomy. 

Take Chief's feet for instance:

There's a sect of real, actual people that find these GNARLY feet attractive, and it doesn't compute in my brain. I know, I know, there isn't much that computes in my brain anyways…but I know my brain functions well enough that when it sees the picture above, its immediate reaction is to vomit uncontrollably. 

But that's just me. Do I judge those who think differently? Actually, yes, yes I do. I think you're fucking weirdos and I have no problem yucking your yum, you freaks. 

That doesn't mean I'm right though (yes it does). If you're a foot fetish guy, go do you. Just stay the fuck away from me. You're a loose cannon that is a liability to be around, and I do not want to be present when that cannon goes off. 

Let's talk about Tanya though. This woman has got it MADE. No idea what she does for work, but if it's anything other than sitting around, being tall (she's 6'9") and snapping pics of her feet to sell to these pervs, then she's fucking up. Big time. I've always told myself I'd sell out for just about anything and because of that, I'm on a never ending search for a get rich quick scheme that falls directly on my head. 

It's like the scene in Good Will Hunting where Chucky tells Will he'll fucking kill him if he's sitting in Southie 20 years down the road instead of punching his god gifted lottery ticket. Will doesn't owe it to himself, he owes it to anyone who would kill to be a genius like him, but isn't. 

That's what happening for Tanya here. Size 18 feet? Yeah, that's a million dollar lottery ticket on Only Fans. Lots of demented freaks out there that will pop their entire minimum wage paychecks into your account, and on that note, if Tanya isn't a millionaire in due time I'll fucking kill her. She doesn't owe it to herself; she owes it to all of us BUMS looking for get rich quick schemes who don't have a golden ticket like size 18 feet.

Here's her (free) TikTok if any of you twisted freaks care: