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Heartwarming Video Of The Day: Mama Chimp And Baby Chimp Are Reunited After Complications During Birth

Gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Quick little blog here on this moment that took place at the KC Zoo this week. It was a stressful week for the chimp family, according to the Daily Mail:

The footage shows the mother chimp, Mahale, immediately pick up and embrace her male baby, Kucheza, after he raises his arm for attention when she enters an enclosure where he was resting.

After Mahale experienced difficulties during labor, zoo staff decided to perform a C-section. The pair were separated for two days while baby Kucheza was monitored.

This video made my Friday morning and it should make your Friday morning too, assuming you don't have a big fat lump of coal for a heart. This is LOVE, my friends. Pure, unadulterated love. The kinda love only an animal that doesn't have its brain warped by politics and social media could have. 

In fact, if I didn't know any better I'd say this chimp was actually a dog. The only other animal where love is a palpable emotion like this is with dogs, especially my little butthead Ace:

This guy LOVES me. LOVES. Aside from me feeding him and picking up his shit on walks, I don't know why he likes me, as I really am pathetic by just about every measure… but that doesn't matter to him. His love is unconditional. That's why dogs - and apparently chimps, too - are better than humans. 

Side note: every here and there I'll go down rabbit holes on The Dodo. It's the best content on the internet. If you want to feel good today before your brain gets hijacked by people, work, social media, bosses, schedules, tasks, gambling debts, or otherwise, take a spin down that lane. Best, most wholesome content on the internet: