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Yikes: Arizona State Kicked Michigan's Ass For 40 Minutes Straight After Hunter Dickinson Predicted A 20-Point Win


Now don't get me wrong, no one should predict they are going to lose or any dumb shit like that. But you can't, I mean you CAN'T, say you're going to win by 20 and then get boat raced by a dogshit Arizona State team. Spare me any talk of Frankie Collins revenge or anything like that. Arizona State is not good and they ran Michigan out of the damn building. 

Again, what Hunter said wasn't that outrageous, Michigan was favored by 7.5. Arizona State lost to Texas Southern, barely beat Tarleton State and now you're Michigan. You're ranked. You have all this talent. You simply can't get your ass kicked. Not only that, it was never lose. Arizona State jumped on them from the get go. 

I have no problem with players making predictions. All for it. But you can't get your ass kicked immediately after doing so. There are rules in society.