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Cale Makar Is The Greatest Defensemen Of All-TIme!!

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Cale Makar at 24 years old has already won the Stanley Cup, Conn Smythe, and a Norris Trophy, but what he accomplished Monday Night in Dallas might be the most impressive. 

This snipe was his 200th point in just 195 games, making him the fastest defenseman to ever do it. 

Yes ever, even quicker than back in the old days when everyone was playing hungover and goalies didn't even wear helmets!

I've watched Cale since his days at U Mass where he looked like a man against boys, but what he has done in his first 4+ years in the NHL I don't think anyone could have seen coming.

Makar has changed the way defensemen play and I can't help but think, teams, will be scouring the world looking for a defenseman that can play a 200-foot game similar to the way he can because he is basically unstoppable at this point.

I can't say I would have guessed Sergei Zubov was tops on that list before last night!


A constant team guy giving credit to his teammates makes him even more likable as a person than a player! Which record will Cale break next?

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