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$EBR Is putting Its 5-1 Boots On The Ground Record On The Line This Saturday

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$EBR has a set of gambling rules that have been created through 30+ years of sports gambling and for the most part they work.

Rule #1 Boots On The Ground = Home team or Over

  • This means that if you are attending the game, you either bet on the home team or the over because you don’t want to be sitting in the stadium where the rest of the building is going nuts for goals and just sit have to sit there losing money.

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The 5-1 run with boots on the ground to start the season has been incredible. It doesn’t seem to matter where I am sitting, it could be in the press box, the seats, or in a suite slugging back Big Deal Brewing beers our bets are winning.

Game of the Month September: Timrå wins 3-1 

Game of the Week on Spittin’ Chiclets: Timrå wins 4-3 in Overtime

Timrå and Farjestäds Over 5.5 hit in dramatic fashion!

Chiclets Trip to Pittsburgh: Penguins won 6-2 

Chiclets Trip to Pittsburgh: Steelers won 20-18 as a huge dog.

Our first loss: Timrå loses to Växjö 3-0

$EBR will have boots on the ground again Saturday in Timrå. Puck drop is 9:15 am Est. so make sure to set your alarms!!

Murls’ Best Bet: Over 5.5 -103 Timrå/Skellefteå

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Everybody Rides!!!

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