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Derrick Henry's Pop Pass Is The Most Unstoppable Play In NFL History

We had ourselves a typical Derrick Henry game last night in the Titans 27-17 win over Green Bay. He became the first running back to clear the 1,000 yard mark this season with his 87 yards on the ground, had 2 catches for 45 yards, and was also 2/2 on passes with his third career touchdown pass. And after watching this play over and over I think Tennessee has found the most unstoppable play in NFL history. Tell me how you stop the Henry pop pass? You can't. 


This should be a 100% success rate play. Every defense knows Derrick is going to get the ball, but now that he's a threat to pass how do you defend it? Cornerback or safety lined up on a TE? Derrick can put it up to him no problem. A couple guys stay back to play the pass and he's running over everyone for a TD. So it's 7 either way. I honestly wouldn't be shocked if Goodell tries to outlaw it.

This play is about as unstoppable as they come and it looks so damn sweet too. It isn't the first time we've seen them pull it out and won't be the last. He did it in the Divisional Round vs the Ravens in 2020...

Then last year vs the Chiefs. Teams brains seem to break when they see Derrick pull up to throw it.

Best play ever and you can't convince me otherwise.