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LeBron - Who Ruined The Lakers By Being A Self-Absorbed Egomaniac - Was Complaining About The Team On His Amazon Prime TNF Show

We know exactly what this is about. This is about LeBron pouting and throwing everyone under the bus besides himself. I mean it's not a secret that LeBron likes to run whatever team he's on like he's a GM. He has the say on the coach, the coaching staff, supporting players, trading every draft pick, etc. So with the Lakers being bums, it's only fitting that he's trying to compare himself to Aaron Rodgers. While he says plenty of dumb shit, we know everything he says like this is calculated. He'll play it off as a 'joke' but in reality he's trying to get everyone to rally around him. Yeah, LeBron, you're the only one that can carry this team! Who cares about getting a roster together going into last season that would have made sense. You want to be surrounded by your friends because you're a self-absorbed egomaniac who needs control. 

In case you're wondering what this even is, he's trying to do a Manningcast with his show. It's not as good as Manningcast because he's doing shit like this and he's not funny. The only two good things to come out of it is this video of him clearly complaining about Jalen Ramsey calling him out for lying (again). 

Glad Jalen Ramsey is at least self-aware to bring up the fact that everyone knows LeBron is a known liar. He might even be the greatest liar to ever exist. 

Only LeBron.