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New ANUS Is Out: Ep. 318 - The Green Debate

No Rudy, no Tyler, no Owen, but Mook (me) was here to save the day and record an episode that is slightly off-centered (I'm sorry). Nick delivers an all-time Knews performance while KB gives an earnest housekeeping update. KB's mom is still chatting with BRG's, there are rumors of a possible 'Fathers of ANUS' episode, and we get into a MASSIVE Green Debate ft. Feits. Plus, we debut McDonald's next viral secret menu item, the SlickChicken, which is about to set the internet in fire. God bless and get it!

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The infamous SlickChicken. Yum. Shoutout to this man's digestive system. 

MooOO00000KKK Thoughts

Yup, I'm back. Against all odds, I will continue to write this half-a-blog for the people (all 9 of you). My thoughts are all over the place this week. I accidentally stayed in a hostel on Monday night. Me, 3 Australian dudes, and some bunk beds. Just guys being dudes. I survived with everything but my blue light glasses. I think one of the Australians stole them to re-watch Robert Irwin Tik Toks and Hugh Jackman movies. Right to the thought(s). 

The Most Expensive Ultra-Modern Sports Card of All Time Ends on Auction Tonight

I am a low key CPA and also a low key sports card nerd. I love #Thehobby and always keep tabs on what's happening in the industry. Tonight, the Luka Doncic 1/1 National Treasures Logoman, is ending on PWCC's auction house. The card sold in March 2021 for $4.6 MILLION, which at the time was absolutely unheard of in the sports card industry. Tonight, the card has been bid up to $2.3 million with a couple hours to go in the auction. It has potential to be the biggest loss in sports card history. 


My guess? I think it goes under $3 million. 

NOTE: The card sold for $3.12 million, which is a loss of $1.48 million and the largest loss in sports card history. That's what we call getting SMOKED.

Are we, as a society, expected to tip when an iPad is flipped in our direction after we buy coffee?

This may be one of the most awkward social interactions EVER and I am not exaggerating. I'm a coffee slut. I hit a different coffee shop everyday in New York and am always greeted with a smile and an $8 charge to my Visa. I love it. I am also greeted with an iPad that is HURLING in my direction after I insert/tap my credit card. 

The iPad always asks the same question with 5 options, "Would you like to tip 15%, 20%, 25%,Custom Tip Amount, or NO TIP." I always want to leave "NO TIP" as I feel like I am being robbed when paying $8 for a coffee, but often times I am bullied into leaving 20%. I panic hard. The pressure is on when the iPad is flipped and I lose control of my motor functions. Is this normal? Does everyone 'stiff' the barista with purple hair and dozens of pins on their apron? Or are we constantly being bullied into being tipped by the turn of an iPad?

This was a bland Mook thoughts but a necessary one. God bless and leave a tip for your local barista (?) (maybe?) (I don't know the etiquette) (please tell me) (before I tip these places all of my money) (which isn't a lot) (SOS).