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Revenge: Creighton Is Giving Away A Free PS5 To A Student After Head Coach Greg McDermott's Twitter Got Hacked

Compliment of the season,

This is how you do it. This is how you play into the fact your head coach's Twitter got hacked: 

Nothing makes me laugh more than Big Cat doing the PS5 bit after a team loses or he loses. The fact there are still people in the world who falls for it is why Twitter can't die. It's so simple, so funny. What I don't get is how people still fall for this hack job. Not Big Cat's, but actual hacking. You know some dumb college kid (I guess I answered my own question) thought it was real.

Well, good news. Now it is. The hottest electronic in the market is now available for a Creighton kid. Great promo for it, although I wish McDermott really leaned into getting hacked. The whole PS5 thing is intriguing to me though. The fact people waited so long to get one. The fact that people couldn't get one. It annoys me to the point I didn't even bother trying. I still rock my PS4 and will do so until I don't have to. 

This is how you bounce back from getting hacked.