Charles Barkley Says There Will Be A 'Shocker Firing' In The SEC And He Knows 'For A Fact' That School Will Go After Deion Sanders

Does Sir Charles know something?

Charles Barkley appeared on "The Next Round" on Thursday and dropped a potential bombshell on the college football world, saying he has information that an SEC school will soon fire its coach and go after Deion Sanders. Barkley did everything but come out and say the school he was referencing was Texas A&M.

I don't know that I'd classify firing Jimbo Fisher as a "shocker" for any reason other than his outrageous buyout, but the price tag does make it a more difficult decision than it would be otherwise. Even with Texas A&M's abysmal season, there haven't really been any definitive reports saying Fisher is on the hot seat. But Barkley seems to be confident in his intel that Coach Prime could be the next man in charge of the Aggies.

Obviously, I have no idea where Barkley heard this or how credible it is, but sign me up for Deion in College Station. Coach Prime taking over an SEC program with one of the largest NIL collectives in the country would be electric. He's attracted elite recruits to Jackson State; there's no telling what his classes would look like at A&M.

If you told me this morning I had to say if Fisher was still the head coach at Texas A&M next season, I would have said yes — though I think he should probably be fired if the Aggies want to get back to competing and certainly would be with a more reasonable contract. But maybe Barkley knows something we don't.

If Coach Prime is hired at A&M, please credit Sir Charles.