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The World Cup Is Such A Shit Show That Thousands Of People Believe Qatar Paid Ecuador Players $7.4 MILLION To Throw The First Match

I know what you might be thinking. What else could happen before the World Cup even starts to show how much of a shit show this is? Well here you go. 20,000(ish) people have liked that tweet accusing Qatar of paying Ecuador players 7.4 million bucks to throw the first match on Sunday. A bold statement. Now, why do I say believe? Because this is out there: 

Call my naive but I choose to believe Ecuador cares too much about winning to be bribed to lose. Sure, one loss doesn't end your World Cup hopes, but losing to Qatar in that group might do it. Group A stinks. It's these two teams, Netherlands (heavy favorite) and Senegal - who won't have star Sadio Mane. Ecuador has a legit shot to get out of this group, but you have to beat Qatar in order to do that. 

I also understand how Qatar got the World Cup. Massive bribes and even bigger corruption. But those were idiot old people who wanted money. Talking about bribing players is a whole different world. It just shows how much of a shit show this is. The fact that this is even going viral because believe it sums it up better than anything else. We know all about the terrible conditions, the human rights violations and everything else. But the games haven't even started and we have a viral tweet about bribing players. Unreal. 

Nothing gets you fired up for the World Cup like reminding the world how dumb it is to be in Qatar. The games start Sunday and I still can't believe it's happening. A winter World Cup is dumb enough, everything else just shows how corrupt FIFA was in giving it to Qatar.