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Sign Of The Apocalypse? Sheep In Mongolia Have Been Walking In A Circle For 10 Days Straight And No One Knows Why

A flock of sheep has been caught walking round in a circle for a whole twelve days without stopping.

The sheep can be seen ambling around in a continuous clockwise motion inside their pen in northern China in the footage taken in early November. 

The perplexing spectacle has left people shocked and confused as they try to make sense of the behaviour in the viral clip.

The mysterious video was filmed in the city of Baotou in Inner Mongolia on November 4

The owner of the sheep, Ms Miao, was left dumbfounded by her flock's pattern.

Ms Miao said it started with just a few sheep before other members of the flock joined in.

In the footage, filmed from CCTV, hundreds of sheep can be seen following one another around in a circle.

Other sheep are standing in the middle of a circle, with some eventually deciding to join the display. Others remained at the very centre of the circle staying completely still. 

Well, a World War almost started in Poland (again), a historical gigantic snowstorm is about to hit Buffalo, and we have sheep walking endlessly in a circle in Inner Mongolia. Plus I showed up to work on time every day this week so the question is- is the world about to end???

The sheep phenomenon is currently is a "mystery," according to the People's Daily China. This could be some sort of Demon summoning the sheep for the rapture, but I'm hoping it's something a lot less scary. One sheep started following another sheep, other sheep started following the follower sheep, and the lead sheep started following the last following sheep. None of them know where they are going or why they are following, but they are just following. Just like most of America, amiright? The crazy part is they have been doing hard like this for 10+ days! That nuts. Think about how many miles they have covered in that time. I am a big fan of the sheep who aren't walking in the circle and who are total Sigmas. 

The reality is most likely that these goats have a contagious brain-wasting disease, which is common amongst certain hoofed animals. The zombielike behavior and lack of sheep to realize they are acting extra sheepy is strange. This includes American hoofed mammals like deer. Due to a lack of predation, these types of diseases are spreading. 

Wolf reintroduction has been crucial to pick off infected individuals before they can spread to the rest of the herd or flock. 

But… With scientific research showing that these diseases could possibly spread and jump into humans…which could mean zombies…time for a beer!