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Elon Musk Is Putting An End To 280 Character Limits In Tweets PRONTO


'Chief Twit' Elon Musk has confirmed that he will be dropping the 280 character limit on Twitter 'soon'.

The new social media boss made the announcement this morning while responding to an 82 tweet-long thread. 

Users are currently restricted to tweets of 280 characters, but ditching this is one of a long list of promises Musk has made regarding the future of the site.

Giphy Images.

Idk that the Elmo "flame on" GIF fits in this specific scenario, but it represents Elon Musk and his Twitter takeover as a whole right now, so I'm rolling with it. 

I'd be lying if I didn't love seeing the meltdowns though. We've all seen it - people are FREAKING OUT about Elon, and the majority of the time, they're doing it on the damn app they're bitching about!!! It's truly funny on top of being ironic. Hey morons, nobody is restricting your right to cry on Twitter about things you don't like. You're still free to do that in spades. 

And now, thanks to Elon, you don't have to package your bitching and moaning into 280 character messages. Gone are the days of removing apostrophes, spaces and vowels to get your point across in 280 characters or less. In are the days of YOU - the mentally deranged Twitter user - being able to get really, really specific about who you hate, why you hate them, and how you're going to cry about them to likeminded individuals that think exactly the same way you do. 

You'd think these people would rejoice in this news, but they won't. They'll still find a way to bitch about it, because that's what they do. Bitch and moan and cry and blame others for their shortcomings. 

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I have one suggestion for Elon though, if he'll hear me out. 

I don't really block people on Twitter. I just looked and have like 10 accounts blocked and they are either HS friends that would incite insurrections in my mentions with troll tweets calling me fat (I'm not, I run marathons) or spam bot accounts that would inundate me with DMs that get autoblocked when you report them. Instead, I mute people. I feel like blocking people just fans their fire and gives them ammo to call you a soft bitch. Muting should be the better route, but instead this pops up when an account you've muted replies to you:

Uhhhh hey Elon, I never want to see the dude's profile that called me a "short, fat balding loser that @stoolpresidente should fire" ever again. It triggers me and I'm a delicate snowflake. You offering me the choice to "view" his cocksucker response to one of my hilarious tweets doesn't help me reach that goal though. Instead, it does the opposite. Whenever I see one of these in my mentions, I'm like a moth flying into one of those purple bug zapper things:

Giphy Images.

Just cannot help myself even if I know I shouldn't click on it, and I'd imagine this is the case for other mass muters like myself. If we can make it so losers like "Gerritcolefanwith27rings" is just a fart in the Twitter wind, excellent. The rest will fall in line as time goes on. 

Super pumped for more than 280 characters though! Or something. I don't know. Just fix the mute button.