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The U Is Dead - Mario Cristobal Goes Off, Tells Parents To Come Pick Up Their Kids If They Keep Complaining About Playing Time

This is it. This is the end of The U. They can't call themselves that anymore. I'm not even talking about the lack of wins. I'm talking about parents complaining on Twitter about playing time. This ain't what it used to be. This isn't coming through the smoke of the Orange Bowl. This isn't dancing and taunting every opponent. This isn't the 7th Floor Crew and DannyBoyCane. The U is dead. They are simply Miami Florida now. They barely get to be Miami if they keep this up. Might just call Miami Ohio that. 

I debated who looks worse here and I've come to the conclusion it's the parents. I'd be pissed off if my mom and dad went on Twitter and started ranting about how I should play more. Maybe I should just be a better player? Maybe I should just make plays when I have to? Simple things like that. Plus it's always a bad look to go on Twitter and demand playing time, even worse is when a parent is doing it for you.

Some would say Cristobal shouldn't air this out, but I don't have a problem with it. He's back home at Miami, not winning games like everyone thought he would. I'd be pissed off if I had position coaches coming to me telling me what's being said. Don't like it? Fine. Come pick them up like it's summer camp. 

Not to mention we're talking high major college sports here. People aren't going to play. Welcome to competition, folks. What a fall from the top for Miami. I know it's been talked about all the time, but still, it's shocking. Miami was THE program when I was younger. They were must watch TV. You had to see the 2001 team. Not only were they good, but they were cool as shit, which is as rare as it comes in sports. 

But until they start winning and talking shit all the time, The U is officially dead.