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Brutal: A Soccer Manager In England Had To Stand By A Printer And Wait For Something To Be Printed Out Saying He Is Fired

[Source] - York City have sacked their manager after making him stand next to a printer as the letter confirming his dismissal printed out.

John Askey admitted he was left "hurt" by the manner in which he was sacked after just over a year in charge of the National League club. It was only last season when the 58-year-old led the Minstermen to promotion from the National League North.

"To have to stand in front of a printer and wait for a letter to be printed off and then be given it to see that I had been sacked... that hurt me more than anything," he told BBC Radio York. I'm disappointed with how it's been done.

I don't care if you're managing a top team in the Premier League or in the same league as Wrexham. Shit, I don't even care what your profession is. Having to stand by a printer and be handed a letter saying you're fired is the worst way out there. I'd rather be humiliated in front of everyone and get a Vince McMahon screaming than this. 

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Not to mention who the hell prints something in the year 2022? We all have computers, just send me an email or a PDF. I don't need a letter saying I'm fired. We all know how Docusign works right? Pretty sure that would be better than being forced to stand by a printer and listen to that sound. Shit just fire me on Twitter. That's an easier thing to stomach in 2022 than being handed a printed letter as you stand there. 

I know it's 5th tier soccer but no one wants to get fired. You only want to get fired if you know you're leaving for a different job and want a little funemployment. Get that severance package. Buy yourself a week to do whatever the hell you want. But getting fired like this is just mean. I would only wish this upon Rich Scangarello. 

Askey should have just pulled a Mac from It's Always Sunny and eat the printed paper. Doesn't count then.