Matthew McConaughey Dropping A Fire Texas Basketball Music Video All But Guaranteed They'd Beat The Shit Out Of Gonzaga

Look at the timestamp. The Minister of Culture was out here dropping this music video/hype video whatever you want call it, 6 minutes before tip. No surprise this is what happened: 

Kind of bullshit for him not to be in attendance. In case you didn't watch Texas is out here opening up a brand new arena and it looked awesome. They reduced the amount of people to 10,000 and the place was legit bananas. It was honestly shocking seeing Texas basketball have fans like this. 


Kind of unfair to ask Gonzaga to come to Texas and deal with McConaughey dropping this heat. I mean it almost makes me want to go to Church. I'm basically an Easter, Christmas guy but if we can somehow add this to the hymn list I'd be in. Also proves that no matter what McConaughey does he will always sound cool as shit. Must be nice. My man made a church hymn and it's legit heat. Texas should BLAST this before every game. In fact it should be the state song. 

I know people are going to shit on Gonzaga because that's what happens when they lose, even if it's not often:

But last night said way more about Texas. That team is loaded. Sure, they shot the hell out of the ball and you can't replicate that. But, the way they defended Timme was near perfect. They purposely let a guy like Brock Cunningham deal with him while the guards just pressured the shit out of Gonzaga's guards. They could barely initiate offense which is how they end up with 20 turnovers. Then you have Tyrese Hunter, the Iowa State transfer. His biggest knock was shooting. That shot looks fixed and he's way more comfortable stepping into it now. Dude is All-American level talent. The biggest thing though is the fact Dylan Disu is healthy. He missed a good portion of last year and is the ultimate game changer for Texas. 

Gonzaga stood no chance the moment McConaughey started preaching though.