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Shai Gilgeous-Alexander's Huge Game Winner Further Proves He Cannot Be Stopped Right Now

Rob Carr. Getty Images.

I'll tell you what, this young Thunder team is fun as shit to watch. I know they're supposedly tanking, but for the moment we're seeing some pretty insane basketball being played from this team on a nightly basis. After another win tonight brought their record to 7-8, I know you're probably thinking 

"big deal, that's still under .500 and in the lottery"

and you'd be right, but that's why context exists. Even in their most recent losses, they've been right there

Why is that? Aside from guys playing hard as shit every night and an offense that has been tearing up the NBA over the last few weeks, the true answer is SGA. What a fucking monster

After nearly carrying the Thunder to a win on Monday against the Celts, SGA was back at it again tonight with a cold as shit game winner

to cap off his 42/6/7 performance. The level he is currently playing at this season isn't just All Star caliber, we're talking All NBA. I don't know how anyone could argue against that right now

Here's where I remind you that SGA is only 24 years old. Think about that for a second. We haven't even begun to scratch his prime yet and look at what he's doing on a nightly basis. No wonder the Thunder shut him down last year, he is WAY too good.

When you think of a franchise point guard, SGA pretty much fits the bill. He has great size, can score on all three levels, is a great passer, defends well, and most importantly he has gigantic stones. He is not someone that runs away from the moment, but rather he seeks it out. He wants the last shot or the ball in a big moment and more often than not he's proving to come through. That life isn't for everybody in the NBA, and SGA is already there at 24. That's special.

Which is why Sam Presti cannot screw this up. Do not waste this man's prime. The Thunder locked him up long term, now it's time to finish the deal because you have a legit building block player with SGA.


I'm serious. SGA is the real deal. What a player