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Baker Mayfield Is Absolutely Terrified Of Lamar Jackson's Mom

That's gotta be one of the craziest questions I've ever heard in a press conference. Lamar made me laugh out loud when he asked, "by my mamma?"  

What Baker Mayfield is saying in that video though is just facts. Any parent that works out their kid is an absolute maniac. Growing up everyone knows a person whose dad or mom worked them out every day and had the craziest workouts. When you have a trainer, at some point they feel bad for you and if your kid passes out, it's on them. If you pass out working out your son, nobody is going to say anything. 

The best part about this though is that Lamar's mom asked to work him out at the Heisman Trophy celebration. She is always looking to work. Now that I am thinking about this, if Baker decided to take this workout, he would be on the level of Lamar. Sometimes you need that tough love and we might have go be looking at Lamar's mom being one of the best trainers in the game. Lamar is having another MVP season and Baker is the worst QB in the league. What could have been if he decided to say yes to that training session...