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Woj Just Confirmed What We Already Knew, That Joe Mazzulla Is In Position To Be The Long Term Head Coach Of The Boston Celtics

Maddie Meyer. Getty Images.

If you've watched 5 seconds of Celtics basketball this season, you know that Joe has always been the guy. The "interim" tag was simply a formality while the Ime shit gets figured out. Until he's fired or traded or ends up signing with another team, Joe is going to carry that "interim" tag but is very much the long-term guy. Brad doesn't get things wrong, we should know this by now. If he said Joe was the guy then Joe is the guy. The reason the Nets were able to lift it with Jacque Vaughn was because Nash was officially fired. That's obviously not the case in Boston, but we all know the deal.

Given the fact that his team currently has the longest active winning streak in the NBA (7) paired with the best record in the NBA and the best offense in NBA history, this isn't exactly a shocking report here by Woj. It's very clear that this job is not too much for him so far, the players respect him, and he has complete buy in from everyone. You don't just let that walk out the door when your window is wide open right now. Whatever happens with Ime after this season is his problem. We all knew he'd never coach in Boston again once he was suspended, and now that Mazzulla Ball clearly works, I don't see a reason why Joe shouldn't be the head coach moving forward.

There are obviously things we still need to see. How does he handle a stretch of adversity? How will he handle player's egos in two months? How does he look in a playoff series? There are still questions for Joe the same way there were questions about Ime during his first year. We didn't know how he would do until he went out and showed us. Same thing with Joe. 

The whole thing is crazy if you take a step back and think about it. All this turmoil and coaching turnover right before the season in what is supposed to be a title run can ruin a team before they even get started. But for whatever reason the players seem to have rallied around Joe, almost to the point where they know he was kind of screwed over in this situation and they'll do everything in their power to win for him. Whether that's buying into the system, playing the right way, it's all been great through the first 14 games.

Unfortunately, the NBA season is not 14 games long. We have a long way to go but again, if Brad is saying Joe is the guy, maybe just trust him on this one.