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BLIZZARD BALL: Buffalo Is Now Expected To Get Pounded With Up To 4-6 FEET Of Snow For Sunday's Browns-Bills Game, Including Possible "Thundersnow"

Brett Carlsen. Getty Images.

The beautiful thing about football is that they will play this sport in basically any kind of weather. With the exception of lightning or a natural disaster, the players will be suiting up each and every week no matter what the forecast is looking like.

That statement means even more this weekend in Buffalo. Let's take a quick look at Sunday's weather expectation in Western New York…

For the record, we are now looking at 2-4 MORE feet of snow since Will Burge blogged this on Monday.

Snow, snow, and more snow. Along with maybe some thunder. What a viewing experience this will be from a television perspective. As for the players and fans in attendance? Maybe not so much.

As Will wrote, this won't be the first time that a snow game in Buffalo takes place. In fact, the Cleveland Browns are no stranger to bringing this snowy weather with them. Look at these highlights from 2007…

And then you have this Colts-Bills game from December 10th, 2017, which provided some interesting visuals…

Could we see something similar in Buffalo on Sunday? The forecast suggests that is the case, with things looking very good for the Bills.

It is worth noting that if the game needs to be moved due to the storm, it may be complicated. The Bills head to Detroit for a Thanksgiving battle with the Lions on Thursday, so it definitely seems like the league will do everything it can to get this game in as scheduled. Football fans deserve it, no matter how worried Devin Singletary may be.