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Wild Story Of Pat Bev Getting Police Security In 2013 Because An Oklahoma City Thunder Ball Boy Threatened To Kill Him

This is why Pat Bev has a podcast. The man will talk about anything and everything. Obviously we knew all about the bad blood between Pat Bev and Russ after this: 

Even better is Pat's response at the end. I know threats should be taken seriously because there are too many lunatics in the world. Think we all can agree on that last part. But Pat didn't give a shit. He wanted to run into the guy. He's confident he would have beat his ass and frankly I would take Pat in this situation. I know that Thunder fans are crazy especially back in the day. Everything reminded me of a college game in terms of how the fans showed up and were loud. But a ball boy is still a ball boy. 

I gotta say, I don't care if it's lame, having police security sounds awesome. Mostly because all I can picture is this: 

This is how Pat should have walked around. Put on his jersey like the belt and parade around the streets of Oklahoma City like this. There was still nothing like the Goldberg entrance back in the day. I can still close my eyes and remember this. Adding police security or something along those lines just makes it look cooler. Sure, Stone Cold, The Rock, DX all had better ones. But Goldberg sticks in your memory. 

I'd also pay a good amount of money to see the ball boy watch Russ and Pat be teammates now. That'd be better than watching Pat vs him in Rough n Rowdy. 

Watch the full episode here: