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TCU Is Being Treated Like A Mid-Major School In The College Football Playoff Rankings

This is exactly right. If Texas, Oklahoma or Baylor did this we would never be having any debates. All people would be talking is how unbelievable of a season they are having. I don't necessarily believe that TCU can win the whole thing but they have proved everyone wrong week in and week out. They deploy a very smart strategy where they injure almost every quarterback they play against and you can't know that. That's just good coaching, Listen boys we might not be as talented as them so if we take out their QB we have a real shot at the National Title. 

Every week the talk of the town is how this is the week TCU falls. Still hasn't happened. They held Texas last week to 10 points on the road which is insanely impressive. I just don't get why they even rank teams if they respect the Big 10 more than the Big 12. Tell me who the fuck Michigan has beaten, Penn State? Michigan should definitely be in the top 4 but not as #3 when TCU has far more impressive wins then Michigan and Ohio State. The Big 10 is just trash besides two teams, it is as simple as that. 

It really feels like people are treating TCU as a mid-major team like a Cincy, but they aren't at all. Sadly it all comes down to the notoriety in the name of your school and Michigan, Ohio State, Tennessee, USC etc. are all more popular and carry a bigger weight than TCU. 

I think it's a joke how a team that is running through the Big 12 keeps getting disrespected. The NCAA gave us a 4 team playoff just to be like look at us! We are doing it for the fans even though they will put in who they want anyway.