"Was It Against The Patriots? I Wonder Why It Didn't Count" - Big Ben Reflecting Back On The Jesse James Controversial "Incompletion" From Years Ago

I don't know what Big Ben is eating. It looks like a muffin but this man clearly doesn't give a fuck anymore and I love it. I wish players didn't wait until they were done to talk shit about these sorta things. We do have guys like Travis Kelce these days saying what's on their mind about things happening in the present, but imagine if Big Ben said this when it happened in real time? 

Looking back on this play it really is fucking bullshit it wasn't called a touchdown. 

Obviously Tom Brady and the Pats got every call during their reign, but come on! You can see it on Big Ben's face that this shit still eats away at him when people bring it up. I know every teams' fans think the refs are against them, but I really wonder if there is some questionable things passed down from the higher ups for certain games. Maybe even some Tim Donaghy funny business going on. 

If you look at the most controversial calls in the NFL it usually deals with the Patriots. They are one of the best franchises to ever exist but sometimes you have to ask these questions because you can't explain that Jesse James catch not being a touchdown.