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Don't Let Syracuse's Embarrassing Tweet After Losing To Colgate Distract You From The Joke That Is Louisville Basketball

This is so fucking hilarious to me. Not the fact that Syracuse simply can't beat Colgate, but almost a year to the day they are out here tweeting out the same thing? Come on. You're Syracuse! You have the Carrier (I don't care to learn the new name) Dome. You have the 2-3 zone! You have Carmelo and McNamara and John Wallace and every Boeheim to exist. You can't be getting lapped by Colgate every time you play even if Matt Langel is a hell of a coach that should be somewhere bigger. You for sure can't tweet out 'we're going to learn from this' after you lose a second time. At home. By double digits. 

But I'm here to say it's okay Syracuse. In a world where this would be the most embarrassing thing I've seen. Louisville exists. 

It's good to know that no matter who you cheer for, we all can come together to laugh at Louisville. That's really what it's all about here folks. They thought they beat App State - a powerhouse, the ultimate powerhouse. They were celebrating thinking they finally got the monkey off their back. Then it went to review and we all saw it. Not a chance that shot was off in time. 4 straight one-point losses dating back to last year's ACC Tournament. That's nearly impossible. 


I know everyone wanted to praise the ACC for what they did in the NCAA Tournament. Fair. But this was a down conference a year ago and they are bad again this year. Just to recap this is the ACC so far: 

Louisville - losses to Wright State, Bellarmine and App State

Florida State - losses to Stetson, UCF and Troy

Boston College - lost to Maine

Syracuse - lost to Colgate

All these are losses at home too. Shit, even Wake needed a miracle to win last night: 

I guess at least they aren't Northwestern and Georgetown: 

Or the Pac-12 who split a 3-3 series with the SWAC. 

All I know is we're in for anarchy in college basketball again this year. Baylor and Houston look like the two heavy favorites right now but we'll see what happens as they play better competition. Everyone has flaws. Teams we expected to be good are struggling out of the gate and either squeaking by with wins or they are Florida State and Louisville. 

Just don't tweet the same thing a year after you lose by double digits to Colgate.