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Tyrese Haliburton Explains How Patrick Beverley Will Talk Trash To You Even If You're Not Being Guarded By Him

Patrick Beverley has become my favorite player in the NBA and it has nothing to do with him working at Barstool now. No, it's because he knows he is the best defender in the league and isn't afraid to say anything. He guarded Buddy Hield the whole game and held him to four points, but decided afterwards he'd talk all of his shit to Tyrese. Haliburton just recorded a monster game for the Pacers, but Bev had to let him know he was lucky because he didn't guard him. 

That's just Pat Beverley planting a seed for next time they play, Tyrese is going to remember that obviously and Bev is already in his head. If you look at the box score you might be like how is Patrick Beverley playing all of these minutes when he is scoring 6 point a game. He might be the most valuable player on that court because the other team wants nothing to do with him. There is nothing worse than playing against a guy who will be in your shorts the entire game, picking you up full court and not letting you breathe.  

Even this week you had Kevin Durant talking about Bev. The only reason he is talking about him because he was in his head the entire game. Even on the bench he was yelling at his guys on how to defend Durant. Make sure to listen/watch the Pat Bev pod because it is one of the best NBA pods out there and Rone gets some funny shit out of Pat at all times. 

Here's their latest episode with Dave as he goes in on his LeBron hate. Incredible podcast.