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Shaq Arguing With Charles Barkley About Whether Or Not Earth Has More Than One Moon Is Why TNT Can't Lose The NBA

This right here is why these guys signed long term deals. This right here is why Turner Sports/TNT can't lose the NBA. Sure, because my brain is wired to just put on that channel to watch games, but because you have the best show on TV. Where else can we hear this sort of big brain argument? 

It's perfect the entire way around. Shaq thinking he's onto something. Chuck calling him a dummy and saying because the moon is moving. Shaq even dropping that he was at Auburn. You can see Ernie Johnson just thinking 'goddamnit, here we go again' while Kenny Smith is trying to process the entire information. Even better is this is middle of the night. That's what makes it perfect.

I said it in previous blogs and I'll keep saying it. You can't recreate this sort of chemistry. The moment one of them decide to step away, the entire show needs to step away. You can't have people take over for someone here. You can't run Inside the NBA back with anyone else. 

Now my final thought here: Shaq is dumb. There's one moon. I don't need to investigate more. It's like arguing the sky is blue. There's one moon because I've spent 35 years of my life thinking there's one moon. I'm not changing now. I'm digging my heels in even if there's a report of more than one moon. We're not Jupiter here. We're Earth and Earth has 1 moon.