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Poverty-Stricken UCLA Wants To Split Flights With USC When The Schools Join The Big Ten

UCLA conducted a survey with more than 600 of its student-athletes about the Bruins' move to the Big Ten and what concerns they may have when it comes time for UCLA to move to the new conference. The school submitted the document, which also included some suggestions from the school to potentially mitigate certain concerns, to the UC Board of Regents.

One of the obvious concerns student-athletes had — as did anyone with common sense when this move was announced — was travel, with UCLA now playing against schools in Pennsylvania and New Jersey in games often on weeknights for many sports. But don't worry, UCLA has the solution: it's going to share flights with USC.

Look, if these poor West Coast hippies want to hop on planes with the school across town, go for it. That would not even crack the top 1,000 things the California government has done that don't make any sense. But if you're going to do this, I don't want to hear another word about USC-UCLA being a real rivalry. The second you have your basketball teams watching movies and playing cards on the plane together like they're going to an AAU tournament, you've admitted you don't take intercollegiate athletics seriously.

But I guess when you have 10,000 people showing up to watch your football games, even when you're in contention for a College Football Playoff spot into November, you need to pinch pennies wherever you can.

UCLA is not a serious athletic department and its games against USC are not real rivalries. Y'all enjoy your co-university charters, which I imagine will have cookies with both schools' logos and "FRIENDSHIP" written in icing ready for every player when they board.