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A Smoke Alarm's Low Battery Chirp Is Easily The Most Triggering Sound There Is

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Smoke alarms sounding off when there is a low battery is incredibly frustrating. I live in a split level house, but in between the two bedroom level floors there are like four alarms in a fairly short combined space. One in each room and one in the hallway. Whenever you hear that loud, brief, distinct beep you have to figure out where it's coming from. Why? Because it DOES NOT STOP. 

It'll beep for a few seconds, then go away for about a minute. Then it'll beep again. The whole search for which smoke alarm it's coming from is an adventure in itself. But the sound is so irritating and penetrating into your mind that you simply have to take care of this problem as fast as humanly possible.


I'll always remember being in my apartment in a cold, winter night when I had a smoke alarm go off for a low battery. When this happened around 8pm, I had the brilliant idea to take the battery out and put it back in and wait til the morning. My wife (then girlfriend) was getting back late from a team outing and we had gone to sleep. At about 3:45am the smoke alarm was going off every minute and woke us up. 

I then walked my behind to the CVS a few blocks away in single digit weather to get a C or D battery or whatever dumbass size it required. It felt like the coldest the Earth had ever been and the streets of New York were completely empty. It was eerie. I got back our apartment and made the swap and went back to sleep for a few more hours, but that sounds will haunt me forever. 

The Chicago Guys had Chris Casetellani and Tommy Smokes on with White Sox Dave traveling and Chief having his flu game with COVID and zooming in remotely. Here's how the Most Triggering Sounds Draft went:

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