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It's Time For Kentucky To Adapt Or Die Because I Can't Keep Watching The Same Old Pathetic Bullshit In Big Games

Plain and simple. I can't keep watching the asme old pathetic bullshit in big games. There's no excuse for this. Not when you have a roster that actually makes sense to play basketball like it's 2022. Not Sahvir Wheeler trying to make scoop layups at the end of shot clocks. Not wasting 25 seconds to try and get the ball to Oscar and then pray for a shot to go in. Fuck that. 

Calipari needs to look in the mirror and start making changes. He's as stubborn as it gets and it worked in the past. But now he needs to realize what everyone else does. Get shit together and start playing the right lineups. You have two lead guards in Cason Wallace and Sahvir Wheeler. You have two elite shooter in CJ Fredrick and Antonio Reeves. You should never have lineups where there's a lack of options, especially from the guard spot. Stop playing Collins, Oscar and Toppin together. Stop with Livington at the three. Look at every team that wins lately, it's versatile plays. 

As for the team itself. Pathetic all the way around. I don't care that it's Michigan State in November and the first game back for Collins and Oscar. You choked a game away because of an outdated, dogshit offense, not making free throws late and giving up inexcusable defensive breakdowns. Not just anyone too. Oscar gave this up at the end of regulation

Sahvir gave this up at the end of 1st overtime.

Basic shit too. Oscar got lost for no reason. Sahvir decided to run up to the baseline and give up the easy pass when you're leading. Quite literally JV shit. 

Then there's the offense. Jacob Toppin, you're not Obi. Stop trying to be. Forcing two terrible shots because you think it's your turn in overtime. Ruined any flow. The fact that Wheeler launched a three off one pass and then Reeves did the same when you're on a run in the 2nd half and can step on their throats. Both weren't close. It's simple shit. 

Adapt or die. I can't keep doing this for every big game. This roster is too good to be put in these positions. Cal has to realize Lance Ware is a ZERO on offense. Sub offense/defense in double OT when Oscar is fouled out. Stop relying on shit that worked in the early 2010s. Not to mention just play your playmakers. You have someone special in Wallace. Let him be it. Don't bench Reeves for the majority of the game without a real reason. Stop letting Joey Hauser fucking destroy you because people want to go under screens. It's basic shit that can't happen. 

Top to bottom. Pathetic.