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Jack Hughes Is Currently Making A Case For Himself As The World's Chillest Athlete

The New Jersey Devils are on a tear right now. 9 straight wins dating back to October 25th, and sitting in the top spot in the Metro division. Tonight kicks off of a 3-game road trip in Canada for them, which means that they have to deal with Canadian hockey media all week long. Most guys get to cruise around in the league and maybe have 2 or 3 microphone's shoved in their face after each game. You go to Canada and they've got every Sportsnet and TSN affiliate within a hundred miles in the locker room after each practice. 

Jack Hughes isn't here to answer questions. He doesn't give a shit about interviews. He doesn't give a shit about consistent 60 minute efforts. All this man cares about is chilling with the boys, putting up a point per night and carrying the Devils along to a 9-game win streak. Or, in his words, a 9-game heater. 

What a response. He can't even fathom the idea that somebody would even question anything the Devils are doing right now when they're this hot. 9-game heater, babe. Check the game notes. Get the microphones out of my man's face and let him vibe. 

Sidenote: Hate to admit it, but I love this move out of Devils fans after doing everything they could to get the man shit canned after the first 2 games of the season.