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In The Least Surprising News Of All-Time, The NBA Has Rescinded That God Awful Tech On Jayson Tatum

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Last night during the Celts 7th straight win (I dunno if you've heard, they have the best record in the NBA), I blogged about one of the worst calls that not only have I ever seen in an NBA game, but guys like Ja Morant and Kevin Durant have seen as well

It wasn't just myself and other Celtics homers along with two All Star talents that thought this was big time bullshit, even the Tatum haters couldn't help themselves but agree! That's how you know something is bad if people who despise Tatum and the Celts couldn't even bring themselves to agree with what was called. I think if there's one thing NBA fans collectively agree with one another on no matter who your favorite team might be, is that the officiating this season across the entire league has been absolute DOGSHIT.

How do we know that? Because guess what the league did today


Who could have possibly seen this coming? Oh, anyone with a brain and eyes? You don't say!

Put aside that the Celts still won this game, it was close pretty much to the final buzzer. That one point very well could have impacted the result of the game. How is Adam Silver OK with that on any level? For those keeping score at home, this is now the 2nd time in 14 games that the NBA has had to rescind a Tatum tech that should never have been given.

1. The first came when he questioned a call that was clearly wrong, it was reviewed, and then the refs overturned it. So basically, Tatum was correct. The tech still counted, until the league rescinded it the next day.

2. The second came for a single clap that literally everyone on the planet could tell was at himself.

Here's the problem with all of this. It doesn't really come down to this being a Celtics/Tatum thing, because you're seeing calls like this every night for every team. Until NBA refs are held accountable for their bullshit, there's not going to be a change. What exactly is the penalty for John Gable as a result of this? He didn't have to answer for it after the game, there's no fine, there's no suspension or demotion. He just gets scheduled to work another game as if nothing happened.

For a league that cares so much about how the perception of their product, it sure seems like they don't give a shit about correcting the issue that currently exists with their officials. Jayson Tatum isn't a rookie. He's not someone who has to earn his stripes or whatever. He's a fucking MVP candidate on the current best team in the league playing on his own home floor. 

So while I'm happy the NBA came to its senses with this, it doesn't absolve them from the larger issue. I am legitimately begging Adam Silver to fix his product. I don't care how he does it just

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