Swifties Everywhere Are Going To Start Rioting In The Streets Against Ticketmaster If They Don't Get Their Shit Together For The Eras Tour Tickets

Well Swifties, it looks like we're all locked up and shit out of luck right now. For those of you who received your verified fan codes for the presale today, and got tickets by now, I'm happy for you (through gritted teeth.) For those who are on the waitlist (me) and continue to stare at their phone looking for their personal code, who knows what the future holds for us. 

For this tour, we've been getting emails out the ass about how difficult it's going to be to get tickets, and how Ticketmaster was going to do everything they can to be sure tickets ended up in hands of fans at a reasonable price. Their city queues are currently locked (or extremely slow), and now they're pushing the presale times back to try to take the volume pressure off the site. 

My question, really, is how the fuck....after all of this planning, and codes, and verifying emails and phone numbers...are they still not prepared for something like this? How is the website crashing? How are people without tickets? And who, the FUCK, decides who gets on the list or not????

It's the fucking trenches out here. I need two tickets to Metlife more than I need air to breathe.