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The FTX CEO Allegedly Gave Orientations On Amphetamine Use Before His Company Crumbled To Pieces

I would butcher an article talking about how FTX went under from a financial standpoint. But I can absolutely explain that dudes doing methamphetamines in the Bahamas while drinking only soy milk and using patches for people with Parkinson's disease would lose you money. Like how could you possibly get any work done when you are living in a place like this?

AND on meth. Let's not get it twisted; maybe a reason I'm personally not too big on Big Pharma is they got a bunch of kids hooked on meth from a young age in the form of ADHD meds. But for how much "better" it is supposed to make your brain, it seems always to be involved in the downfall of major financial institutions. According to high up execs who would regularly tweet about stimulant abuse, apparently the whole company was on them.  

I know this Twitter account doesn't look the most PC they have been pretty spot on a lot of the reports coming out of this thing. I mean, I wouldn't believe the CEO was using medicine that was for people with Parkinson's if he didn't specifically reference their usage and have photo evidence. 

The dopaminergic stuff is crazy because it really is the one major neurotransmitter that makes you want to do anything. Screwing with that is gonna cause a lot of side effects, some of which may be irresponsible gambling and hypersexuality (On par with the orgy accusations).

The side effects of foods that couldn't be eaten make the Soylent stories reported sound even more true. 

I mean this dude absolutely looks like a guy who drinks soy all day giving him estrogenic side effects that need to be combated with stimulants. 

This guy was so wired on the meth he was rocking like Hitler at the 36 Olympics while Jesse Owens was beating the bricks off his competitors, who were also probably on meth. 

Why do we keep letting nerds with no semblance of power get corrupted by chicks wanting to bang them because they're finally rich and keep screwing over people financially?