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Candice Swanepoel, Still A Forest Fire

In the blogging world, The Daily Mail is a great amalgamation (I think I used that word correctly here... or at least directionally correctly) of stories from all over the globe. Many people at Barstool get the click bait-y stories they opine on from that site. Every morning around 730am I fire up my laptop and head on over there to see what's crackin'. 

And this morning there was a story about Swanepoel and her TikTok. Truthfully, I hadn't thought about her in a moment. In the digital age, there's an endless sea of IG models now, so even the OGs and most famous models of all time get lost in the shuffle and it's my job to not let them recede into the night completely.

So, without further adieu, introducing "Candice" Bless this woman's heart. A complete goddess at 34 years young, and still bringing the heat for over a decade now. I don't have TikTok myself, but seeing Candice strut down the runway in those VS angel wings is a throw back kinda nostalgia that might coerce me to install the app. 

Her IG ain't too shabby either