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Instead Of Ripping Up Ronaldo's Contract Like He Wants, Man U Should Make That Crybaby Asshole Sit On The Bench Every Match

[Source] - MANCHESTER UNITED are ready to rip up Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract after his brutal criticism of the club.

And close pal Rio Ferdinand claims that is exactly what the Portugal superstar wants.

Don't give in Manchester United! Stand strong! For the first time in the history of your dumbass club I'm actually on your side. I'm cheering for you. I'm cheering for Erik ten Hag to just stand there and look at the baby back bitch Rondaldo and tell him to grab pine. 

But this is exactly what Ronaldo wants. He wants everyone to feel bad for him (you shouldn't). He wants everyone to turn against Man U which is really like picking LeBron or Kyrie. Just two gigantic assholes that I'm ready to be done with. So instead of ripping up his contract, Manchester United should make Ronaldo play out what HE agreed to and plant his ass firmly on the bench. It's clear the team already hates him: 

Don't give him the way out. Make his life hell there. Try to sub him in for the very last play of every game. Shit, sub him in to play goalie in a blowout. Just do whatever it takes to make this smug asshole tap-in merchant cry even more. I want him on TV every week losing his shit and trying to throw everyone under the bus. 

Ronaldo is truly like LeBron. You can say the simple, smart thing. The Glazers (Man U owners) suck ass. Ronaldo is a smug bitch and can get out of my face and they get PISSED. I don't care. Ronaldo sucks, his fans suck. He chose to go back to Manchester United. He could have played almost anywhere else. But he's a 37-year old bum who can't stop crying. A true battle for biggest dickhead in sports with him closing in on the lead. Fuck outta here dude. Go sit on the bench.