Hank Got Absolutely Sewered On The Blackjack Table In One Giant Hand Last Night

Every Monday during halftime of the Monday Night Football game, Hank and I go live for Monday Night Blackjack on either the Pardon My Take Twitch or the Barstool Sportsbook YouTube. It's been very fun and something we both look forward to every week. It's great to take questions and talk with Stoolies and some people even get on our table week-after-week (shoutout our guy Eugene). 

We've gone through varying spells of getting super hot and very cold and sometimes just tread water metaphorically for a bit. But last night, we got super hot. Like white hot. And after playing for about an hour because you can't quit when you're on a heater, we faced a mammoth hand. 

Hank is a great player to play with because he's considerate and makes the right plays. He'll ask what the book says sometimes and does what it says. And he's consistent, which is key. I do the same and we cheer for each other which makes the dynamic fun and supportive. So tonight, at the peak of our heater, Hank told me he was going big. Typically that'd mean a ~$500ish hand for him, but he had been experimenting with playing three hands at the table. So that meant he was putting down $300/hand on three different spots, which is a HUGE hand. Not only that, but his hands were:

J 7               7 2        and  3 3             

this was going against a dealer showing a 6 in the peak of a heater

He stayed on 17

Doubled 7 2: got a 5

He split 3 3 and turned those into 3 7 and 3 7

So he doubled those hands and got a:

3 7 A            3 7 Q

Everyone played correctly or stayed after him, but now Hank has not only three huge hands on the table, but he now has $2,100 on the table, which is over 4x a big hand for him. This was a MASSIVE hand. With the dealer showing a 6 hopes were high. What happened next isn't for the faint of heart.

Be sure to check us out next Monday at halftime of the 49ers vs. Cardinals game for more Monday Night Blackjack.