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Disney's Newest Roller Coaster That May Be Able To Jump Off The Track Can't Be Real But It Looks Incredible


As a kid hitting an amusement park for vacation was the best. You and your siblings go from 9am-10pm and hit as many roller coasters as humanly possible with your dad packing in to ride'em all just as excited as you. I now know how bad a beating that put on his body after going on a bunch a few years ago with my younger brother on a field trip. My dad was around the same age when he was doing that as I am now and holy shit did those coasters mess me up. Hats off to the parents who took a beating doing loops all day. 

Either way, as a kid you were fearless. The bigger and higher the roller coaster, the better. You spent the entire summer finding out what new coaster the park got, you grabbed a map when you walked in and planned out everything you would try to hit. Those were the days when you had to work in the park without the Fast Pass shit. If you walked past a ride you would either see no line or ask the guy at the front gate how long the wait was and decide this was your best shot to hit The Great bear without a line. I also know there was a large contingent of kids like my cousin who lived near places like Six Flags and in middle school had season passes and would go after school on random Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I can't even imagine how many coasters they hit in a summer. Kids lived for the action. I lived for the action. Roller coasters were the highlight of your summer. 

With all that said...I think even 11 year old fearless me would have a hard time mustering the onions to go on a coaster that skips the track, if it was even real since a blue checkmark on Instagram has always made an account as reliable as on with a blue checkmark on Elon's Twitter. 

I also think I would have a real hard time convincing my parents to let me go on this thing. Are you nuts? I've seen a lot of shit on coasters. Fast, loops, 100mp, free falls down, backwards, etc. But jumping the track? That's some crazy shit. It's such a flex if you actually have the stones to go do it. (Side note- The picture they take on rides should 100000% be set up to capture people's faces mid jump). You have bragging rights forever if you do it. Go back in school like yeah I did it ...twice. You're untouchable. But like I said, I can't see a working class mother and father say "I know we spent 12 grand to come down to Disney for a week and we're paying $11 for popcorn and $14 for 8oz waters, you know what would be a good idea ? Let's let little Johnny and little Mary go on the coaster that jumps the track by themselves as we sit here was watch from a bench." 

Good luck to Disney if they ever pull this off and shoutout the people who go on the first ever run of this thing you are legends but until I actually see this thing in action, it just seems like a dream. 

PS- obligatory clip of all the wackos who created lawsuits when they played Roller Coaster Tycoon