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Chris "Mad Dog" Russo Ripped Bill Cowher And Joe Thomas Over Their Disgraceful Jeff Saturday Takes

Chris "Mad Dog" Russo, thank you for fighting the good fight. He touched on every single point that there is to make in defense of Jeff Saturday, and he couldn't be more right. In his first game as a head coach, Saturday had the Colts ready to play. They only had 4 penalties. They had a huge 4th quarter drive when they needed it most. He smartly started the best quarterback on the Colts roster (what a concept). He managed the clock well, he didn't waste any timeouts, and he "DIDN'T FOOL AROUND WITH THAT STUPID DATA"

Chris - you are permitted to speak on the Colts moving forward. Feel free to neigh your heart out. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for other media members.

Russo said everything that Colts fans have wanted to say to those who said that the Jeff Saturday hire was a disgrace to coaching. I wholeheartedly agree with everything Russo said.

However, I am not going to go as far as to demand an apology quite yet. Sure, their takes on Jeff Saturday were so bad that some would call them a disgrace to sports media. But Jeff Saturday's first win as an NFL Head Coach came over the lowly Las Vegas Raiders, who might actually be a bigger dumpster fire than the Colts. It's a good start, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. It would be jumping the gun to say that a single victory over a very very bad franchise proves that Jeff Saturday is a legitimate NFL coach. 

But this Sunday, the Colts host the 8-1 Philadelphia Eagles fresh off their first loss of the season. I'm very disappointed that they couldn't beat the god damn Commanders last night. I was very much looking forward to the Jeff Saturday knocking off the undefeated Eagles. But still, if the Colts somehow pull out a victory, then it's apology demanding time. I will be going on an apology demanding tour the likes of which the internet as never seen. If Jeff Saturday can lead the Colts over the 9-0 8-1 Eagles, then I will be demanding a written and/or verbal apology from the following "analysts"– Bill Cowher, Rex Ryan, Teddy Bruschi, Joe Thomas, Nick Wright, Chris Broussard, and Pete Prisco. 

These guys just couldn't help themselves last week. They went for the low hanging fruit, and picked on little ol' Jeff Saturday because it was the easy thing to do. They were so confident that a coach with as little experience as him, couldn't possibly win a game in the NFL. They thought their takes were so safe. Well think again. 

You know they're sweating it now. Jeff Saturday beating the Eagles next week wouldn't just prove their takes wrong, it would be an assault on everything they stand for. It would belittle their entire careers, by making it seem like, "coaching a football team isn't that hard." I'm not going to demand an apology quite yet, but if the Colts beat the Eagles on Sunday, then all of these analysts will have to answer for themselves.