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Another Absolutely Insane Victor Wembanyama Highlight Hit The Internet Today

GAIZKA IROZ. Getty Images.

Earlier today I wrote this blog:

At the time I had no idea that Wembanyama was even playing basketball today. But it didn't take long for that to hit the internet for us to be blessed with another mind bending highlight that seems to be the standard whenever this guy touches the court.

Just see for yourself

If that looks familiar, it's because I'm afraid this shot does not appear to be an accident. In fact, it's a weapon. Just 10 days ago we saw Wembanyama do something similar from the wing

and as you can expect, people rightfully lost their minds. The handle, the confidence, the execution, it's all insane.

Today, we learned that Wembanyama can take both a 3PA and a FTA at the same time. Look, you do this once, I'm probably going to say you got a little lucky. You do it again just 10 days later from a completely different spot on the floor? OK, maybe we just need to accept that this is a shot that Wembanyama has in his bag. 

Already a handful to defend, what exactly do you do if he's ALSO going to unleash running floater 3PA that never seems to miss? I'm not even trying to be dramatic here either. Seriously what do you do? He already looks like he's going to be a 37% or better three point shooter by shooting a traditional jumpshot. No what?

I'm not sure if Wembanyama highlights are getting played out already, but I don't see how they could be. Every single time he steps on the floor we get something like this! I know every time we saw how he's a unicorn or he's doing shit that shouldn't be possible and it can get redundant, but at the same time, he's a unicorn who is doing shit that shouldn't be possible.

Things are now at a point where I'm going to need Wembanyama to play every single day. Not only that, but it might be time for him to just take every shot in these games. The possibilities of what else he has in his offensive arsenal are endless. I need to see more.