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Move Over Zach Wilson, The Moms Of Buffalo Have Started Up A Petition To Let Josh Allen Know How Much They Love Him

Move over Zach Wilson, Bills mothers are all Josh's. 

I mean, this is such an Upstate New York move. The difference between how downstaters treat their QB after throwing a couple of picks and how the mothers of Buffalo do is astounding. There are mothers in New Jersey who are rejecting Zach Wilson's advances because he threw too many picks a couple of Sundays ago. Josh Allen, of course, has won playoff games for Buffalo, so it's different. But it's amazing to see the difference between upstate and downstate NY. 

Despite all that, I am starting to get a tad considered about all the Josh Allen interceptions. 


I think he has thrown four red zone picks in the past two weeks. I am not being a hater, but as a Jets fan, I am not that upset by his struggles... 

I do think Josh Allen is just putting the team on his back, and since effort isn't indicative of success, that's what you see happen to a lot of competitive Quarterbacks. They "do too much" trying to win and make a serious effort, forcing bad decisions. Unfortunately for the rest of the AFC east, this is probably the downswing for the Bills. Then they hit a serious hot streak the next few months and win the Super Bowl. So I guess it makes sense the Buffalo moms are trying to build up their franchise QB so all that can happen.