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Jeff Bezos Is A Hypocritical Prick

The pages of Barstool are littered with Bezos stories after his most recent headlines, but here's one thing I think people are missing.

Jeff Bezos does not care for the working man.

I will skip the part about him buying the NFL team because I honestly don't care about it, but I will point out two other gems...

  1. Jeff gave Dolly Parton $100 million over the weekend to donate to charity.
  2. Jeff and his girlfriend sat down with CNN and pledged he would give most of his $124 BILLION fortune to charity... More specifically "he will devote the bulk of his wealth to fighting climate change, lip-filler for Lauren Sanchez, and supporting people who can unify humanity in the face of deep social and political divisions."

Cool, Jeff... Here's my take...

  1. Dolly Parton is wonderful… Been beating off to those things since I was 11.
  2. It's your dough… Do whatever the fuck you want.

HOWEVER… Maybe we can all hold back on the sucking of this guy's generous dick until we read that other headline that hasn't been getting enough play…

Amazon To Lay Off 10,000 Workers This Week

Does nobody else see the importance of that little tidbit?

Does nobody else recognize that a man who has already pledged $100 million to a complete (albeit big-titted) stranger and then pledged to give away $124 billion more is essentially fucking 10,000 families THAT WORK FOR HIM about a month before Christmas?

The layoffs will be the largest in company history and will primarily impact Amazon’s Alexa business and the company’s retail and human resources divisions.  That sounds like people who actually work for a living… Not some vapid cunt at Twitter who got laid off after live-tweeting just how little she does.

Giphy Images.

These 10,000 people… WHO WORE BEZOS' COMPANY'S NAME ON THEIR CHEST EVERY GODDAMNED DAY… Are being tossed into the cold while Dolly Parton and some strangers TBD fight climate change and unify humanity in the face of deep social and political divisions.

Fuck this guy and all the mindless twats who don't see just how tone-deaf these announcements sound on the eve of his company's 1% bloodletting.

If there was a headline that read: Jeff Bezos Is Forced To Lay Off 10,000 Employees BUT Has Vowed To 'Light Their Asses UP' With Some Sweet-Ass Severance On The Way Out Using Funds Previously Earmarked For Willie Nelson's Humanitarian Efforts, now THAT would've been a fucking story worth reporting.

But instead, we get two fluffy "altruistic" billboards hiding the fact that THOUSANDS OF HIS OWN EMPLOYEES are going to be royally FUCKED this Christmas.

Giphy Images.

Charity starts at home, Jeff… Wake-the-fuck-up.

Take a report.


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