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No. 1 Recruit DJ Wagner Picking Kentucky Is A Nice Reminder That Louisville Will Always Be Our Little Brother

This might have been the biggest no-brainer decision in the history of recruiting. DJ Wagner was down to Kentucky and Louisville. We know how that plays out on the court, off the court, everywhere else. Shit, Louisville even hired his grandfather Milt Wagner to try and land him. All he had to do was remember that he wants to win. That's how he ends up at Kentucky.

Also a tough look for the 'players hate Calipari' bullshit Marty tried saying in that Derrick Rose blog. DJ Wagner is Dajuan Wagner's son. Think if former players didn't like playing for Cal and the way he coached he'd have his son play for him? Then again, Marty would have believed he might go to Baylor or Gonzaga. Tough look all around. 

Now Cal got back to his roots. He went out and landed a historical recruiting class. 4 top-10 recruits. Something that's only been done two other times - once by him and Duke in 2017. Not bad for a guy who apparently lost it. Not bad for a guy that everyone wants to talk shit about. Give me my guy every day of the week and I'll be just fine. I'll take a historical recruiting class every day of the week. It's good to remind people who the big boy on the block still is. 

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Just proves it doesn't matter if you hire family. It doesn't matter your relationship. If Cal wants to go recruit someone he's going to get him. The bad guy is back.